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Get the Cook for Good core book, Wildly Affordable Organic, at Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Amazon, or your local book store. For bulk orders, signed copies, and more about the book, visit the Wildly Affordable Organic page.


Wildly Good Cook Videos

Learn to cook delicious, seasonal, mostly organic food from scratch for $5 a day per person or less! Use conventionally grown food and pay even less, about $3.21 a day. Romp through the book Wildly Affordable Organic with these four courses. These videos feature author Linda Watson, filmed live at Meredith College. Enjoy close-up images, subtitles with recipe amounts, and tight editing so you get 90-minute classes in just an hour. Take just one class or get the big picture by taking them all. 

video cooking class on how to get organized and saving money with organic food with shopping, cooking, and storing tips video cooking class on how to cook beans for health and thrift for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores video cooking class how to cook healthy seasonal vegetables and pasta with healthy sauces cooking class video on how to cook healthy, thrifty food in 20 minutes a day


Anniversary special! Buy three, get one FREE! 

Buy 3 Wildly Good Cook videos, get 4th one free! This special offer is good through June 30th to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Wildly Affordable Organic. Regularly $14.95 each. For a limited time, just $44.85 with free shipping!  

Watch these videos as part of the Wildly Good Summer Challenge in July.

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Aprons: Keep Calm and Eat Your Beans (or Veg)

Wear these fun twists on the World War II campaign with pride. Perfect gifts for Mothers' Day or Earth Day. Choose your apron color (brown-paper-bag, yellow, or white) and length (long, standard, or kid-size).  (See larger image below and Wikipedia for the original story of the poster meant to calm British citizens during the war.)

Keep Calm and ...

... Eat Your Beans ... Eat Your Veg (kid sized) ... Eat Your Veg


Each shirt or apron uses the official, licensed font and crown, with the Cook for Good logo spoon below.

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Tees: Keep Calm and Eat Your Veg

I love this soft new tee with the encouraging message: Keep Calm and Eat Your Veg. It's a great way to find kindred spirits at the grocery store, farmers' market, or anywhere you're out-and-about.

The shirt has the Cook for Good Logo on the front and the fun twist on the British "Keep Calm" program on the back. See below for details and a close-up of the image.

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Wildly Affordable Organic Coaching

Talk one-on-one with Wildly Affordable Organic author Linda Watson to take your cooking to a wildly good level! Discuss recipes, meal planning, shopping, and other aspects of your food ways. Get a customized gift certificate to print and tuck in a stocking if you'd like.

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More Scrumptious Vegetables the Wildly Affordable Organic Way

Fresh vegetables are the fashionistas of the food world, appearing in many shapes, textures, and colors. And their beauty isn’t just skin deep. Vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and fiber. That means they help make you look and feel good too.

Sixteen recipes for soups, sides, and sauces. Twenty six pages with photographs.

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Table of Contents for More Scrumptious Vegetables the Wildly Affordable Organic Way:

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Ebook: More Sweet and Savory Baking

ebook cover sweet and savory breads the wildly affordable organic way ten recipe for biscuits muffins yeast breads and desserts

Get ten recipes for biscuits, muffins, yeast breads, and desserts plus a healthy baking mix in this twenty-one page ebook. See the list of recipes below.

There's nothing like homemade bread and biscuits. Tasty, fresh, and fragrant, they are also a snap to make. Like all Cook for Good recipes, the ones you'll find here use real ingredients and efficient techniques.

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Table of Contents for More Sweet and Savory Baking the Wildly Affordable Organic Way:

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Class Video: Cook for Good in 20 Minutes a Day

Replaced by the new Wildly Good Cook video: Cook for Good in 20 Minutes a Day.

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