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SNAPcut Challenge Day 1 - Good start and new thrifty discovery

You may remember from Wildly Affordable Organic that the first morning my Taster saw how the bread turned out and told me, "We're already doomed!" Today, after a tasty breakfast and lunch, he said that we're not already doomed this time. On the other hand, if I weren't on taking the SNAPcut Challenge, I'd head down for some Countdown Trail Mix right now. I can smell the Cuban Black Beans cooking for dinner and I've been thinking about food even more than usual.

Monday SNAPcut Challenge Menu

Breakfast wasn't ready for nearly an hour after I got up, because I had to shape these rolls, let them rise, and then bake them. It was worth the wait. This new Super-Thrifty Whisk Bread is robust, with just the right amount of chew. (Here's the recipe and a picture of the rolls hot out of the toaster oven.) I measured the peanut butter: two tablespoons each, because the 18-ounce jar I bought is only 98% of the peanut butter needed for toast every day and two meals of Spicy Peanut Noodles.

SNAPcut Challenge default breakfast: toasted homemade Super-Thrifty Whisk Bread, peanut butter, tea, and a banana.

I made sure to serve one of my Taster's favorites for lunch ... and to let him know that I did. Yum, Persian Pasta Sauce with walnuts and raisins on whole-wheat linguini. That's a tablespoon of nooch, or nutritional yeast, on top of the pasta. I made a quick salad of bok choy and spring onions. I used free home-made apple cider vinegar to make a vinaigrette for the salad.

SNAPcut Challenge lunch day 1 - Persian Pasta Sauce with walnuts and raisins on whole-wheat linguini with a tablespoon of nooch, or nutritional yeast, on top of the pasta. I made a quick salad of bok choy and spring onions.

We each had an apple for a mid-afternoon snack. Of course, I saved the cores to make more vinegar.

Today's budget-stretching discovery: banana water!

I made a fragrant and healthy tea by pouring boiling water over a clean banana peel and letting it steep while I took a shower. It's delicious--fragrant, tropical, and sweet. If you are used to drinking flavored beverages all the time, try this. For me, switching to water as my main beverage was one of the hardest parts of the original Cook for Good experiments.

Be warned though: my Taster (who is actually a super-taster) thought that banana water was hideous. Maybe super-tasters taste that in the tea. I did try eating a bite of raw banana skin. It was horrible, like eating banana-flavored baking soda. Hat's off to Kevin Spacey for doing eating a banana, peel and all, with gusto in the movie K-PAX.

Day 1 can be the scariest. How's is the #SNAPcut Challenge going for you?

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