Linda Watson of Cook for Good an expert in thrify organic and solar cookingCelebrating WAO's 3rd anniversary by saluting Cook for Good heroes. Are you one?

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Happy 3rd anniversary!
More popular than ever!Wildly Affordable Organic cover"Real food can be cheaper than junk food," Mark Bittman, NY Times
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Organic, Sustainable, and Local Cooking for any Budget

We can become happier, healthier, and more secure by cooking and eating real food again. Join the movement to make delicious, seasonal meals from scratch. You'll reduce your grocery bills and probably your medical bills. You'll have the joy of vibrant health and the relief of being able to eat well on even a small budget. You'll make a positive difference for yourself, your family, and for your community and planet.

Solar cooking cuts energy costs two ways!

Let the sun cook your food without special dark cookware or the mess of painting jars. Cut your power bill twice! You'll save by not heating up your stove or oven. You'll save again by not running your air conditioner or fan to cool off your house. I show Valonda Calloway the sunny scoop in this clip from My Carolina Today.

strawberry salad with hummus on toast and potatoes

Welcome Mother Earth Living readers and Mother Earth Fair participants!

I'm thrilled that one of my favorite magazines, Mother Earth Living, is featuring the first chapter of Wildly Affordable Organic in its March/April issue plus three recipes. I loved meeting so many of you at the Mother Earth News Fair in Asheville.

Here are some recipes that I hope you and Mother Earth will love:

Why cook the Wildly Affordable Organic way?

Go green for $5 a day or less with mostly organic or sustainably raised ingredients. Or focus on cost to save even more! Either way, you'll probably be spending less than the food-stamp allowance for someone with no other means. We can afford to eat wonderful food that is good for our bodies and for our planet. Vote with your fork for a better world.